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Downtown Suffolk Virginia

Suffolk – Shopping, Dining, Nightlife

The town of Suffolk, Virginia, is one of the fastest growing cities in Virginia. Early colonists arrived in Suffolk in 1608. In 1974, the current municipality of Suffolk was created by merging Suffolk, Holland, and Whaleyville, resulting in 430 square miles of city. Suffolk offers cultural arts, dining, shopping, outdoor adventures, and more.

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Smithfield Colonial Courthouse

Smithfield – Charming and Historic

Well known for its popular Smithfield Hams, Smithfield, Virginia, offers far more than just great food, gourmet coffee, and delicious bakeries. An easy trip from Twin Ponds, Smithfield offers historic attractions, charming, quaint towns and outdoor adventures – whatever your heart desires.

Located just across the James River from Virginia’s Historic Triangle, Smithfield offers its visitors a variety of art galleries and specialty shops, historic attractions and galleries with no admission fees, and a diverse list of dining and lodging opportunities. website

Downtown Smithfield Virginia

Easy Access to Schools

There are four schools within a short distance from Twin Ponds – one less than half a mile away: